No matter what your interest, you can be almost certain that Glasgow has a museum or attraction to suit you. From football to fashion, ancient history to modern science, there is something for everyone. With so much to see and do, how do you decide where to go first? We’ve put together a handy guide to the best museums in the city, so you’ll know what to do in Glasgow when you get here. Almost all of the museums are free to enter and just a short distance from PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments.

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

You simply cannot visit Glasgow without visiting Kelvingrove, it is one of our main attractions and once you step through the doors you’ll see why. The gallery is huge, you could get lost for hours exploring the exhibitions. It’s a real one for all museum, with everything from a huge armour collection to a fascinating natural history displays on show. It’s also great for art lovers with one of the most envied and awed art collections in Europe. The exterior of imposing red sandstone and gothic-esque spires is equally as impressive as the artefacts on show. Museums in Glasgow don’t get much better.

2. Riverside Museum 

Located in one of the most striking modern buildings in Glasgow, Riverside Museum is a special interest museum showing us the roots of Scotland’s transport industry and its evolution to modern time. Inside you’ll find exhibits of all kinds related to transport, from cars and buses to bikes and trains, dating from different historical periods. Each of the 3000 objects inside makes learning about Scotland’s rich transport history fascinating and fun. The award-winning museum is an ideal place to spend an afternoon as a couple, alone or with your family. You can also visit the stunning Tall Ship, situated in the Clyde River, alongside the museum.

3. The Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens

The Peoples Palace is arguably one of the most culturally significant places to visit in all of Glasgow. Since the 1940s the museum has been educating the public about the social history of the city, all the way from the slums of the 19th century to modern time. Located in the oldest park in Glasgow, Glasgow Green, the palace museum tells the story of how the city and its people developed through the medium of historic artefacts, paintings, prints and photographs, film and interactive computer displays. It preserves and portrays the story of the people of Glasgow and gives us a glimpse into lives in the popular one-room tenement homes that the poorer classes often raised large families in.

4. St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Although it may not be quite as popular in recent times, religion has played a huge part in the development of Glasgow and the habits & mindset of its natives. If you’d like to learn more about religion and how it helped to form the world we live in or if you’re just wondering what to do in Glasgow on a free afternoon, visit St Mungo’s for a fascinating insight. Located on Cathedral Square near the Necropolis and Provand’s Lordship, St Mungo Museum is one of the only public museums in the world that explores all religions of the world. Make sure to pop into the divinely serene Zen Garden for a bit of spiritual enlightenment before you leave.

5. Glasgow Science Centre

Often when we think of museums, we conjure up images of dusty old pictures or artefacts enclosed in untouchable glass boxes. The Science Centre is a ‘museum’ of another type. The complex comprises of three structures, the Science Mall, the Cineworld IMAX cinema and the Glasgow Tower (which is only open when the weather allows). In the Science Mall, you can learn about almost anything that excites you from the human body to the dark side of the moon and everything in between. The cinema shows short, child-friendly, science-related films and the tower (when open) offers the most stunning views across the city. 

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