Are you planning a trip of 28 days or more to Glasgow? Maybe you need a place to stay while your home is being renovated, you need somewhere to live temporarily for work, or you are relocating to Glasgow? The hardest part about leaving home for so long isn’t missing your home town, it’s missing your furry friend! Luckily PREMIER SUITES have a pet-friendly policy for our longer stay guests


You could ask a neighbour to drop in and feed & walk your pet each day. We don’t like the idea of our pets being left alone for so many hours in the day without any company. We wouldn’t like being left alone for so long that if it was us! You could leave your pet in the hands of a kennel or cattery. This has been known to cause anxiety in animals, especially if they are not used to having other animals around. It can leave your pet scared, worried and very lonely. They may also come home with the dreaded kennel cough which can take months to pass. You could also employ a cat or dog sitter to stay in your home. We don’t like the idea of a stranger (no matter how experienced) staying in our home and charging us for it. This is the least cost-effective option, with a minimum price of €50 per overnight stay!

The Solution

Luckily you don’t have to travel without your pet at all with our pet-friendly policy. We want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible when they stay with us. We understand that being far from home is hard enough without missing your pets and wondering how they are each day. That’s why we want you to bring your furry friend with you! If you are staying 28 days or more, we would be delighted to welcome you both.

The Benefits

You can tell your spouse or children when you will be home, but poor Fido doesn’t understand. Pets have been known to mourn their owners when they ‘disappear’, assuming they are not returning. You can reduce separation stress, anxiety and worry for you both by travelling together. If your pet is ill needing medication, elderly or just has a strict diet, you can be sure they are still getting the same excellent care and attention as always. Don’t leave it up to a well-meaning neighbour, do it yourself.

We understand that travelling alone can be lonely, especially when you are away for a long time. Bring your pet with you for company and let them explore this beautiful new place by your side. Our friendly staff would love to get to know you both better. This policy doesn’t just go for your furry friends. If you have a more unusual pet and are able to transport them safely and securely, we’d love to welcome you!

Call our team today to discuss your options and book your stay.

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